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Lycopene and Prostate

The Best Extraordinary and Natural Ingredients Work Together to Enhance Your Prostate Health in “SSP3-Forte”

A great place to start is to take a closer look at the ingredients that make up this extraordinary SSP3-Forte formula.
"SSP3-Forte" with Lycopene is  a formula really quite simple… yet, it does have a couple of very unique beneficial twists to it. These are the types of details many less-than-optimal formulas may be totally missing the boat on.
In "SSP3-Forte"  there are more seven main active ingredients important to your Prostate and one is Lycopene. But, what is lycopene and why is it such an important ingredient?

Lycopene: Super Carotenoid Antioxidant More Powerful Than Most

Lycopene is a naturally-occurring nutrient that gives many fruits and vegetables their red color. Lycopene is one of a number of nutrients called carotenoids.
And lycopene is considered a potent antioxidant whose activity has been suggested to be more powerful than that of other carotenoids… such as beta-carotene.
Here are a few examples of natural foods (primarily fruits) rich in lycopene...
·       Watermelon (but only in moderate quantities as excessive amounts of fruits can actually be counterproductive)
·       Pink grapefruit
·       Apricots
·       Pink guavas and papaya
·       Tomatoes
And speaking of tomatoes, they’re one of the richest sources of lycopene. In North America, it’s estimated that 85% of dietary lycopene comes from tomato based foods. But unlike most other raw foods, there’s a very intriguing thing about tomatoes… when cooked, the bioavailability of lycopene actually increases rather than decreases.
So, what does this all have to do with SSP3-Forte? It was included lycopene in the supplement primarily because it…
·       Is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant
·       anti-carcinogenic properties
·       Shows promise in how it potentially works with saw palmetto in supporting prostate health.

Made in Europe, you can buy "SSP3-Forte" at www.ssp3forte.com

Supplementation Alone Is NOT the Total Answer

One very important thing you should understand when it comes to any supplement, and SSP3-Forte is certainly without exception is, if you don't practice a healthy lifestyle, you simply won't optimize your prostate and your overall health.

Don't forget about these guidelines on how to do just that...

·       Optimize your vitamin D levels, ideally though safe sun exposure.
·       Eat healthy wholesome foods being careful to limit your grains and avoid sugar, have moderate protein and lots of high-quality healthy fats.
·       Reduce your stress
·        Exercise and relax your muscles. Exercise can be a key element in not only supporting optimal prostate health (for men), but is vital to your overall health as well.
·       Support your lymphatic system
·       Schedule a prostate evaluation
And please remember that a healthy sex life can be beneficial for your prostate.

Please avoid cutting corners on these guidelines and don’t simply rely on supplements alone... you won't be able to fully optimize your health. 
Take action using the natural guidelines and complement them with SSP3- Forte, the prostate and virility formula with Lycopene for optimal prostate health.

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BPH - The Prostate “Miracle Fruit” ....

How To Fix Almost Any Prostate Problem
Without Drugs, Surgery Or Invasive Exams

1 - The Prostate “Miracle Fruit” That Also Help to Revs Up Your Sex Drive

This is my favorite way to deal with prostate problems.
Like anything else, it’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, in every circumstance,for every single prostate issue with every single man. But, if you’re having prostateproblems, or afraid you may have them some day, then this tip alone could give youserious relief and peace of mind.

Anyway, here’s the scoop:
One of the best known prostate health boosters is lycopene.
Lycopene is an extremely potent phytochemical (and antioxidant) found in
tomatoes and certain other red fruits and vegetables. Research is always coming outshowing how it may help with prostate problems (including shrinking an enlargedprostate and possibly even preventing prostate cancer). And even though it’s found intomatoes, it’s far more potent in cooked tomato products like ketchup, tomato paste,
tomato soup, canned tomatoes, etc.
Now personal y, I’m not a big fan of most cooked tomato products.

If you are, great!

But if you’re not, guess what?

There’s a fruit almost nobody mentions in these studies (maybe because nobody
can profit from it?) that has even MORE lycopene in it, requires no cooking, and...

Tastes Extremely Good!

And that is... watermelon.

Yep—sweet, delicious, JUICY watermelon is PACKED with lycopene.
In fact, just a few months before writing this eBook I started experimenting with it.
And over time I started noticing my urination becoming more regular with more “emptying” of the bladder (and a stronger stream)... the natural y dry skin on my forehead and eyelids (which I used to have to slather lotion on) started moistening and clearing up... I started having regular bowel movements like clockwork each day... And, best of al ...

My Sex Drive Shot

Through The Roof!

When I did some research, it al made sense, too.
I already knew watermelon was good for the prostate (due to the lycopene).
But I also discovered the high water content (watermelon is 90% water!) makes it one of nature’s best natural diuretics, which helps keep you cleaned out and your “bits and pieces” working properly. (In fact, here’s another tip: If you are having prostate problems, start drinking LOTS of water—at least HALF your body weight in ounces per day. Also make sure it is filtered “reverse osmosis”  water, not tap water or store-
bought bottled water).

Watermelon juice has been used for years as a way to remove skin blemishes(probably because of the high water content and powerhouse nutrients inside).And, perhaps best of al ...
The lowly watermelon has been shown to literal y “relax” blood vessels to

“Viagra”-Like Results!

However, you want to be careful with this.
Eating too MUCH watermelon can make you sick (just like eating too much ofanything can make you sick). Sometimes people hear about how it can give prostaterelief and beef up the sex drive, and they’l chomp a whole 17 inch watermelon down.


Don’t do that!

You’l only get sick that way.

Instead, always eat it in moderation (eat until satisfied and then stop).
It does not matter what kind of watermelon you eat, either. My preference is to eatthe smal , mini-seedless watermelons you can find in most any grocery store. They are a little bigger than a softbal , and I tend to eat a whole one in a single sitting (you can
eat a half of one or whatever you’re comfortable with—but I just love these things and they are like dessert). They are especial y good after a work out when you’re thirsty andgo down great.

Anyway, bottom line?

If you want to give yourself some prostate relief and make your wife happy at the same time, grab a watermelon. I eat anywhere from 3-5 per week and have noticedsome seriously positive benefits (both for my prostate and overal health) from doing so.

And you know what?

There’s a good chance you wil , too.

You can find this nutrient and others also important for your healthy prostate in the natural formula of the product SSP3-FORTE. Just Google it!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAm2KhbrpYI

Enlarge Prostate, Has A Big Impact in Man’s Health!

By people taking notice of this information, they should hopefully be able to smallen their prostate. Prostate problems are very big for men, as they are one of the biggest causes of cancer. That is why men need to watch and take care naturally of the prostate after the forties, so that they do not have added problems later on in life.

Not yet in the USA but available in Europe and several other countries is a natural food supplement SSP3-Forte. Since more that 20 years has proven to be the best product to reduce the BPH problems.

Many people have been interviewed to see what the best ways are to shrink the prostate when people have BPH. The results were interesting. It seems that the best way to make the prostate smaller is by using natural foods. BPH can be treated well with zinc three times a day, eating lots of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and consuming large quantities of fibre. This can include pumpkin seeds (again, a good source of zinc) and alfalfa which contains a lot of vitamins A, E and K as well as lots of protein. This food is very effective at shrinking prostates.

There are natural products, food supplements, that can get shrink the prostate. This is very important for men that are over the age of 40 as many people have an enlarged prostate. One of the best of these food supplements is SSP3-Forte.

Other vitamins which people should consider taking to shrink the prostate is to eat special high dose Vitamin A. This is also known as beta-carotene (300 thousand IU should be taken, but consult with a local doctor first of all). Lots of Vitamin C should be eaten to help incontinence, chlorophyll which acts as a very good antioxidant and brings lots of amino acids. Amino acids can be specially taken to help break down foods so the prostate can be shrunk. Also, lots of cranberry juice should be consumed and many herbs should be taken.

It seems that at the moment, many men have been searching for shrink prostate health products, as they are scared that it may develop into a much larger problem in the future. Men who have Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (also known as BPH) are not alone in having this condition; over half of all men over the age of fifty have it, and even three quarters of the male population who are over 65 have it also. If people don’t shrink the prostate when they can, they could possibly leave themselves with serious implications. It could even be a cause of them having prostate cancer in the future. So, SSP3-Forte is natural product that may help a lot all men with BPH, because it's formula is complete with all necessary nutrients to maintain the prostate in the normal size.

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Prostate and Inflamation

This may seem like an oversimplification.

But a lot of pain (and disease, sickness, etc) more or less boils
down to inflammation.  This goes for prostate pain as well as for other kinds of pain.  When you're in a state of inflammation, you are far more prone to health problems.

This is also true of ye olde prostate, too.

Inflammation is probably the problem.

Get rid of that, and you get rid of pain.

But as they say... the "devil is in the details" and that's why
people spend billions of dollars each year on overcomplicated pills and procedures that might mask the pain, but don't get rid of the actual inflammation.

Take prostate surgery, for example.

It doesn't always work.

Or, if it does, it can be just temporary.

And the problem comes back later.

We don't have prostate problems because of a lack of surgery or prescription drugs, after all.

Just something to think about.

Attack inflammation and attack the REAL problem.

The food supplement "SSP3-Forte", is not a drug and may help you a lot. Try it for 60 days.

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Prostate supplements, which is the best?

People often ask me about prostate supplements.

Which ones do I take?

Which ones do I recommend?

The answer is... it depends.

But it's true -- what works for me, may not necessarily work at all
for you, and vice versa.  There are just too many factors at play
(including your unique medical history, allergies, etc).  This is
why you really should consult your doctor before taking any new

Usually people say that just to cover their butts.

But the reality is, you do need to check.

And this is especially true if you are on any kind of prescription
medication (whether for your prostate or anything else).

Anyway, just something to think about.

If you want to know, I use "SSP3-Forte"

The prostate pain… it's not just an "old man's" disease anymore?

A lot of truck drivers tend to have prostate pain.

So do bus drivers, motorcycle riders, limo chauffeurs, and other
people who spend all day in a vehicle bouncing around, constantly
putting pressure on their "nether region." A lot of it is because
all that sitting (not good for long periods of time) with pressure
constantly hitting their prostate from vibrations in the vehicle is
wreaking havoc on them.

Same with men who ride bikes a lot.

Or anyone who puts pressure on their groin for long periods.

Plus, sitting all day makes for a sedentary lifestyle.

I have this problem myself.

I have to force myself to get up every 15 minutes or so, or run the
risk of having not only prostate pain, but other pains (testicular,
leg cramping, blood clotting).

If you think about it, it's kind of ironic.

Man has lived by the sweat of his brow for thousands of years.

But in the last 50 years that all changed.

We started having more desk jobs, long commutes and watching movies
& TV for hours on end without getting up except to go to the

Is it "coincidence" 21st century man is plagued by prostate issues?

That's it's not just an "old man's" disease anymore?

And that it is so common?

Anyway, just something to think about.

Good news is you don't have to live with the pain.

ways to deal with it.

Without drugs.

Without surgery.

And without invasive procedures.

To see how I relieved my pain (naturally) check out:

Bike riding is bad for your prostate?

Bike Riding / Prostate...Here's something to think about.

When I first started having prostate pains, one of the things I was
doing was riding my bike every day for about 11 miles.  I had
gotten into a groove doing this, and felt great... except for some
of the prostate symptoms.

I did not make the connection at the time.

And, really, I can't say for sure there IS a connection.

But, consider this:

I recently knew of this other guy with a similar story.

He had never had any prostate pain before and was always proud of
his PSA test numbers. Until, that is, when he started riding his
bike 25 miles per day.

And what happened is this:

About 6 months later he started having trouble peeing.

His next PSA score was up a few whole points.

And, when he cooled off on riding his bike so much, those symptoms
pretty much all went away, and his PSA levels went back down.

Again, could be coincidence.

And I'm not saying not to ride your bike.

But if you ride your bike a lot, see what happens if you stop.

Or, at least cut back.

It could be the source of the pain.

You can protect your prostate naturally with "SSP3-Forte"